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The village Etersheim already existed in the year 800. The at that time large village at the mouth of the river Ee, was swallowed up, church and all, by several floods of the Zuider Sea. August 2009 archaeological excavations in the lake uncovered a special piece: a 12th century sarcophagus. Also according to legends, somewhere in the remains of the old village, a treasure has been buried by a rich farmer who refused to pay tax to the Spanish conquerors around 1600...


The inhabitants had fled further inland, safely behind the dike, where they built a new church in 1639 with a small wooden tower. This old church had to be demolished in the late 19th century, but the stones were reused for the fundaments of the in 1901 completed, new church. Also the old grave stones were used for the floor, but people never have been buried inside the church. The old cemetery next to the church was placed remarkably high, to safeguard it from previous floods. It is an historic sight for walkers and cyclists. Etersheim inhabitants can still be buried there.


When the current church was build in 1901, big towers were considered a symbol of status. Unfortunately the modest sized church could not withstand the weight of the large tower that had been built on it. In the 1980's, the tower was about to collapse and unfortunately had to be removed. This gives the church its unique appearance. Until 1971 the church has been in function as a Dutch reformed church. After that time it was sold in private ownership, and switched owners and functions several times. In this period also storeys were constructed, to make it possible to sell the church for residential use. From 2002 onwards we are the happy owners of this church, and work hard to turn it more and more into a dream home. Ten years later we started the bed & Breakfast.

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